Welcome to the RulesEdit

Hi Welcome to the Ultimate AT fan Wiki's Rules I highly suggested reading this first before doing something else


the rules ust be followed at all time once disobeyed you will be given a warning but once you disobeyed multiple times you will be banned

Rules upon posting a fanficEdit

  • It must have sence
  • No bad words or swearing allowed
  • No innapropriate scene will be written down
  • Make it minimum on violence
  • Have Fun
  • No posting inapropriate links or images

Rules upon editing a pageEdit

  • It must be true
  • No trolling
  • No vandalism

Rules upon ChattingEdit

  • STRICTLY No Swearing
  • No trolling
  • No spamming

It includes:

  • Excessive uppercase letters
  • Too much Emoticons
  • Advertising other wikis
  • Giberrish language
  • Use of other languages (except english)
  • Excessive linking
  • No mean Gestures
  • No impersonating other users
  • No talk of religion (it might end up in a fight)
  • No fighting or arguing
  • No posting inapropriate pic or link
  • Please leave an admin or a chat mod a message if one of this rules has been broken

The Admin's rulesEdit

  1. No excessive banning of people (even if you hate them) give them 2 warnings, if they do this 3 or more times, now is the time to ban them
  3. No lying to other users, tell them the truth, even if it hurts
  4. Obey the founder's requests
  5. You may edit your profile with anything BUT no violent things, which includes:
  • Violent Pictures
  • Violent videos
  • Execessive spamming of words all over again (yes, it is considered)


Note:Going against one of the rules will get you removed from adminship or modship