What is MLP?== MLP is a show with rainbows and magical ponies flying around, When people watch My little Pony (MLP) most of them gets addicted. This infection started on Adventure Time wiki, my uncle/friend Cedric (Known as Nihi the Brony) has been brainwashed, but he doesnt mind, most people say MLP is the worst show, I dont think so. People like me dont mind about it. But what do they call the boys that get brainwashed? BRONIES, we have nothing to do with them,so whenever you see a brony,(except for my friend/uncle Nihi the Brony) try to get away as much as possible.


What do they do?Edit

They brainwash you, that's why i was warning you aout them, just try not to resist to kill one of them, once you do,they will get revenge on you, so far that's all i can say.

Is that all you can say? What can you do about it?Edit

Yes, I suppose i could find a cure, but it's useless, no one will ever try to encounter a brony.