Princess Bubblegum
Aka Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum




Candy Person


Uncle Gumbald (Uncle/Great-Uncle)



Princess Bubblegum is the ruler of the Candy Kingdom. Her whole body is made from Bubblegum and she loves science! Cinammon Bun is her helper and Pepermint Butler is her server. Princess Bubblegum has lots of clothes and dresses. In "Mortal Folly" she wears a yoga dress with a coat that reaches the ground, in "Mortal Recoil" when she is in bed she wears a polka dotted pajama, and when she is tranformed into a 13 years old young lady, she wears a dress that's like a cake, in "The Enchiridion" she wears her daily dress, in "Slumber Part panic" and "From bad to worse" she wears her daily dress and a lab coat, in "The Duke" she also wears her daily dress, when she gets transformed into a green bubblegum and goes to the Royal Meeting, she wears a bathing suit, in "Go With me"she also wears her Daily dress, in "the real you" She first wears a T-shirt with shorts then a scientific outfit, that's probably enough to tell. Her research can be nice like the perfect sandwich or as worse as candy zombies. She is a former love interest of Finn. She also loves spaghetti. We dont know alot of her relatives. A scientific research? Ask Miss Bonnibel Bubblegum!