Marceline Abadeer
Marceline The Vampire Queen






Hunson Abadeer



Age Appearance:

18-21 yrs old

Marceline is first seen on Evicted. Finn and Jake thinks she is evil at first but at the episode Henchman Finn knew her true personality. She likes musics and guitars. She got angry of her dad because of eating her fries. She eats shades of red not blood, she is also addicted to singing. Jake used to have a fear of vampires but Marceline does'nt mind. Her full name is Marceline Abadeer but she changed it to Marceline the Vampire Queen, Finn also describes her as "A radical dame" she is a 1,000+ years old because she is immortal. She likes to call Princess Bubblegum "Bonnibel" or "Bonnie". In the episode "Marceline's closet" she says in her diary entry that she has no friends but she actually has friends, who is Finn and Jake, also in "Heat signature (EPISODE)" it is shown that she had ghost friends.In "Evicted" she says she used to live in Finn and Jake's treehouse a thousand years ago. She calls her music free time "Jamming" and normally invites Finn and Jake.  She can also turn invisible and can fly.

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